Work Harder, Smarter and More Efficient with these Office Cleaning Tips

Full time workers normally spend about 40 hours in the office per week (let’s not forget about the overtime though). At the end of a stressful week, you are definitely not interested in tidying the office ready for Monday morning.

These top tips are going to help you have a tidier office and a clearer head.

These tips can even give you more time to work on your business website.

Every day we add to our paper pile

This includes our ‘to do’ lists, accounts, reports and more. It would be much easier if you filed as you went along as this prevents a huge masses of paper lurking around which eventually lead to confusion about what’s what.

Set up a tray system that is clearly labelled so you can get used to using them. Not only will this help you manage your time better, but it will create a clearer desk space for you to work better. You can buy these from Ikea.

Clean your keyboard, mouse and computer

Most of us eat our lunch at our desks while still working. This means food could be splattered everywhere, crumbs under the keyboard and dirty finger marks on our monitors.

Use some wipes that are designed for electronics and give your computer a wipe down at the end of each day. This will help to keep germs away. Read more information.

Get rid of all your junk

There is a lot of stuff in your drawers and all over your desk that you know you don’t use. This includes the themed mug that you bought on your holiday, colourful magnets and useless calendars.

This is the kind of stuff that clutters up your space and prevents you from working as hard as possible. This junk acts as a distraction, when really it is just a nuisance. Throw away all the things you don’t use.

Hire office cleaners

Keeping our desks tidy as possible is down to us, but there are other areas of the office that employees don’t have time to clean and you shouldn’t expect them to.

Hiring an office cleaner is a much more efficient solution. Cleaners will typically clean the wash room, kitchen, corridors and even carpets and windows. A tidy office won’t go unnoticed by your employees. Click here for one of Crawley’s leading cleaning companies.

We would love to hear your tips for keeping your office as clean and tidy as possible! Share with us today.