Design & Installation of CCTV

The benefits of commercial CCTV

Commercial CCTV

If you are running a business from your own, owned premises or are renting, or if you are the landlord letting a property for business you will know that security of the building and its contents are paramount.

In today’s society, it seems that every time you turn on the news more and more crime is being committed, it seems not a day goes by when some minor isn’t being reported as the victim of gun or knife crime, so CCTV is now becoming more important than ever.

CCTV is proven to deter crime, people do think twice about committing a crime to be it an assault, criminal damage or burglary and when the presence of CCTV cameras are not enough of a deterrent the chances of getting a conviction based on evidence captured by the cameras increases significantly.

With the concern of privacy with CCTV cameras, there are laws in place. We can make sure, as a business, that you are fully compliant. See: Basics of UK CCTV Laws.

Who can Install Your CCTV?

There are many companies in the UK that can install and maintain systems from one camera watching over the main door to 200+ cameras looking after and securing multiple industrial areas. With a large product range available to choose from, they can provide a cost-free recommendation tailored to your individual needs. See advice here.

UKBI is the UK’s premier business providers. With over 20 years of combined security knowledge, our team of security experts draw on their extensive knowledge to solve your problem. We can even suggest a more reliable security system solution for the long term should you require it, reducing the need for future of other services.

Whatever the reason for your call, we guarantee a return call within 20 minutes in order to give your property the security it needs as quickly as possible whether it is a CCTV circuit, or access control systems.

We work with you to find the security solution most suitable for you, whether you’re in commercial or residential property. We aim to get you a rapid response in the case of an emergency and will always have a team member with you within an hour.