Workplace security

Staying safe at work is a must, especially as thieves are using the latest technology for innovative ways to access your place of work. There are simple and effective ways for your place of work to improve security levels for your organisation.

As thieves are getting smarter, it is our priority be one step ahead and offer the best security solutions for our employees. Find out how many break-ins happen in commercial buildings.

Window Locks

Work security is a vital part of the everyday working life, regardless of whether you are an SME or a large enterprise, and while a digital door lock can go a long way to providing you with some added safety, it is also extremely important to have the latest window locks installed to keep thieves from entering at access points.

Thankfully there are a variety of window locks available for you to choose from, as well as a range of door knobs and handles, alarm systems, padlocks, door lock choices and more. Why window locks?

Window locks are important for more than just peace of mind, however. The best window locks not only delay thieves, but hopefully deter them from even trying in the first place once they see how secure your entrances are. Benefits here.

But beyond that, it is also important for your office or warehouse to have the latest window locks for additional safety should you ever need to make an emergency exit from your place of work.

Access Control

Access Control is a type of security technique that regulates who can enter a building or room and is an essential part of commercial security systems. Access control allows you to keep your business safe and secure, as well as your employees.

For access control accessories to get the very best out of your system, we recommend visiting Erreka Automatic Doors.

The benefits of access control are massive:

  • You know who is entering and exiting a building
  • No unauthorised people can enter
  • Can easily remove an employee’s when necessary
  • Increased safety for everybody in the building

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