Energy saving tips for converted offices

How To Save You Money With Heat Recovery Systems

Heat recovery ventilation systems are a good investment for offices converted from homes or home-based offices because they save money.

It is one of the best ways to update a building with better options for the environment. Overall costs are reduced by 40 per cent when a drain water heat recovery system is used.

It helps property owners save on annual energy costs by 10 per cent. The greenhouse gas emissions are reduced by one ton annually when the system is used.

How do they help?

By installing two Power-Pipe units, the benefits will increase much more. Use six foot and four feet units. The price for the longer unit costs around £1000, and the shorter unit costs from £600.

The water heats up after spending 45 seconds with the tap on because the drain water recovery system turns on increasing the overall temperature.

The water can get a bit overly hot at times, so users might have to lower the temperature. Each time a person uses taps and water, money is lost when the water goes down the drain. This is an issue because the broiler works hard to heat the water.

A drain water recovery system takes the heat and absorbs it to preheat the water as it fills the tank. Some setups route the water to the taps’ supply of cold water.

This helps the user use less hot water overall. The drain water recovery system reduces the carbon footprint and saves cash by reducing energy usage.

Heat recovery systems are often recommended, by they are not often installed. It is an easy way to save money. There are no mechanical parts that could have issues, so it is a great investment.

The unit increases water capacity. This is a benefit for all the office users. The water is preheated at a warm temperature.

Energy saving tips for converted offices

What are the costs?

The general cost to install a unit ranging from 600  to 1200 pounds. This amount can be gained back in a few years. There are many factors that will help you gain your money back. Here are a few of them.

The overall time and temperature of the water used help save money. When the water runs for longer, the cost is better.

The fuel source will benefit from the unit. The cost of electric, oil, natural gas, and high-efficiency gas will be lower. The length of the drain heat recovery system matters as well. The length should be 3 to 7 feet.

Types of Heat Recovery System

Other Ways to save energy in the office

  • Double Glazing –  If you own an office that has been converted from a house or other kind of property, we would recommend investing in double glazed windows. This is one of the easiest ways to save energy, meaning less heat is lost from the windows.
    • If you have a particular style or design that your building needs to keep to then choose a glazing company that can offer you a range of services, whether that is refurbishing existing windows or replacing old ones.
    • Investing in new, bigger windows also helps to save energy as it means more light is allowed into the building, meaning less energy is wasted on lighting.
  • Updating old equipment – While it seems obvious, old and slow running office equipment wastes a lot of energy and eventually causes inefficiency in the office. Therefore we recommend investing in new, updated faster running equipment.

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