UKBI's team, its representative Board, members and associates deliver quality products and services for the global business incubation community.

They draw on unrivalled experience, knowledge and understanding of the challenges our members and the wider industry face, whilst also promoting business incubation, innovation and entrepreneurship to key decision-makers regionally, nationally and globally.

If you would like more information, please contact one of the team leaders via the weblink(s) below:

Existing Members, Events & Accreditation

Keiron Broadbent

Tel: 0121 288 0260  Skype: k.broadbent.ukbi




New Members

Bhavana Desai

Tel: 0121 288 0271   Skype: b.desai.ukbi




Research and Consultancy

Arnaud Drapier

Tel: 0121 288 0265   Skype: a.drapier.ukbi




Chief Executive

Peter Harman

Tel: 0121 288 0283   Skype: p.harman.ukbi





Jenny Reynolds

Tel: 0121 288 0276   Skype: j.reynolds.ukbi





UKBI's Board of Directors

Since our inception over 10 years ago, UKBI has been advised and supported by our non-exec Board of Directors; made up of members of UKBI who are specialists in their fields and who are passionate about the development and growth of Entrepreneurship, Start-Ups, Innovation and Accelereated Growth. Please find more details about UKBI's Directors below.


David Rowe


Chris Fogg, Managing Director                                                 Connect London

David Gill, Managing Director                                                   St John's Innovation Centre

Mike Herd, Executive Director                                                  Sussex Innovation Centre

Gillian MacAulay                                                                        Strathclyde University Incubator

Ken Nelson                                                                                 LEDCOM

Martino Picardo, Managing Director                                          Stevenage Bioscience Catalyst

Geoff Riley, Chief Executive                                                      Staffordshire & Black Country BIC

Doug Scott, Chief Executive                                                      TEDCO

Andrew Stevenson, Director - Enterprise & Policy                  University of Lincoln

Paul Woodcock, Director of Planning and Regeneration         Rotherham Metropolitan Borough Council