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The Inspire monitoring, development and accreditation process© for business incubation is recognised by practitioners, stakeholders and governments as essential for business incubation and other early-stage growth environments such as innovation centres as well as business incubation activities within technology and science parks.

Based on the Business Incubation Development Framework (BIDF) which is based on rigorous national and international research, it covers ‘physical’ and ‘virtual’ business incubation activity that provides specialist and targeted support and development to early stage and other growth companies.

In addition, the Inspire monitoring, development and accreditation process© provides quality 'benchmarks' for stakeholders, funders and supporters (as well as potential clients) helping them to identify and then develop practices leading to the application and public recognition of best practice in business incubation. 

Inspire enables you to identify and develop best practice in your particular environment, city or region, maximise investment in your environment/s, prove the impact and added value of your environment, identify strengths and weakness and provides actions for further development and strategic input to ensure that you are providing the right environment for sustainable growth and development.

The process is straight forward, interactive and cost effective. Your environment/s will be assessed using the nationally and internationally recognised Business Incubation Development Framework; identifying compliance with best practice and measuring and evaluating impact. 

Inspire provides a framework for you to:

  • Measure your environment’s impact on socio-economic factors – placing your environment at the heart of the business support infrastructure.
  • Evaluate investment in supporting innovative and entrepreneurial ideas and business.
  • Provide an essential monitoring and evaluation tool focussing wider impacts than purely jobs created/safeguarded ensuring you are creating a sustainable business community for the future.

Inspire awarded status:

  • Proves that you have the commitment to grow innovative businesses.
  • Provides proof that your environmentis an ideal place to start and grow businesses.
  • Provides your environment with a competitive advantage over others – essential when attracting clients, funding and support

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